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(Pocket-lint) - One of the biggest, most-populous and diverse cities in the UK, Newcastle is famous for so much more than just its Geordie residents.

We’ve teamed up with Panasonic Lumix and Jessops to showcase some of the best UK photo locations, with top photo spots to point your lens at. Whether you’re shooting with your phone or a great camera like the brand new Panasonic Lumix GX9, you’ll find some inspiration here.

The Lumix GX9 is the ideal travel companion. It’s got a host of great features and is perfect for amateur photographers looking for a professional experience. With its compact body and high-end technology, the Lumix GX9 is great for authentic street-style photography.

With that in mind, we’ve got a Lumix GX9 to give away for the best city photograph taken from each of the following cities:

Bromley Glasgow
Nottingham Belfast
Liverpool • Newcastle
Cardiff Oxford
Exeter  • Bristol

Every week, we’ll be publishing some great photo spots from the cities mentioned to help inspire you. We’d love to see what you shoot. All you need to do is either share your images on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #lumixhiddencities, or email them to us at lumixhiddencities@pocket-lint.com

The best images from all the entries from each city will win a Lumix GX9 camera to help make your pictures even better, and will be printed on canvas and displayed in the local Jessops store. All entries will be submitted by the 23:59:59 on Friday 16 November 2018 (Pocket-lint T&Cs apply). 

Whether you’re just trying to capture that amazing shot or share something awe-inspiring on Instagram, you should be able to find your perfect shot here:

1. Tyne Bridge

Georgi Fadejev / ShutterstockBest photo places in Newcastle spots you’ll want to snap image 2

Nothing says “Newcastle” quite like a shot of the iconic Tyne Bridge, which was opened in the 1920s. There’s lots of great places you can frame your shot from, including up close and personal and from a distance. Experiment with different types of shot, including classic landscapes from a distance, or abstract architectural shots while standing on the bridge itself.

Photo tip: Use a long shutter speed (don’t forget to pack a tripod) when shooting after dark to create atmospheric long streaks of light.

2. The Castle, Newcastle

Harry Green / ShutterstockBest photo places in Newcastle spots you’ll want to snap image 4

If you’re looking for a little bit of quintessentially classic architecture, head to The Castle. This medieval fortress is where Newcastle gets its name, and while it may have been photographed many thousands of times before, there’s still opportunities to get something unique. You could try shooting through an arch for an interesting way to frame your image.

Photo tip: Try using a wide angle lens to create an unusual perspective, creating strange lines for a surreal look.

3. Grey’s Monument


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Right in the city centre is Grey’s Monument. Built in 1838, the statue at the top stands at 130 feet high. With that in mind, ascending the 164 steps to the top gives you a gorgeous view of the city. Shoot from this high perspective to get a unique vantage on Newcastle’s rooftops and beyond. If you can’t get on one of the special tours, head to The Botanist, where you can see a similar view.

Photo tip: Use a tilt-shift effect to create a fun toy-town look from a height.

4. Grainger Market

The perfect place to practice your street photography while picking up a tasty treat, Grainger Market is a haven for candid snaps. Here you’ll find everything from gorgeous shop fronts, beautiful flowers, tantalising food and some of the most intriguing characters in the whole city. Not to mention the cracking architecture in the archways above.

Photo tip: Use a silent shutter to take discreet candid photos which include people - but a smile goes a long way if you’re spotted.

5. Quayside

DavidGraham86 / Shutterstock.comBest photo places in Newcastle spots you’ll want to snap image 1

This one-time industrial area has been redeveloped in recent years. With lots of art, music and culture to take in, you’ll always find something to photograph - the regular Quayside market is a great place to find inspiration. Aside from all of that, there’s also a wonderful selection of architecture, such as the Millennium Bridge which connects to the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

Photo tip: Try to get an equal amount of sky and water in your shot to create an even composition, and pay attention to reflections.

6. Ouseburn


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The lower part of the Ouseburn Valley was once one of Newcastle’s most heavily industrialised areas. These days, it has a thriving cultural scene, with many great spots for a variety of different photography genres. You could easily spend a day wandering around the area and come home with a whole memory card filled with completely different shots.

Photo tip: Challenge yourself to a photo walk with just one type of lens (which could be your phone lens). Zoom with your feet and explore different angles.

7. Cow Hill on the Town Moor

Harry Green / ShutterstockBest photo places in Newcastle spots you’ll want to snap image 3

When you need to clear your head, heading to Cow Hill on the Town Moor is one of the most peaceful spots in the city. It’s also a fantastic place to get a panoramic view, all while getting up close and personal with the local fauna. Head up to the hill late on a summer’s evening for a beautiful view of the sunset.

Photo tip: Use a telephoto lens to pick out details in the distance in your landscape shots.

8. Chinatown

The famous and imposing Chinese arch found on St Andrew’s Street is testament to all the fantastic immigrant culture that has helped make Newcastle what it is today. The structure itself is worthy of a snap or two, while heading into Chinatown itself is sure to result in some seriously good street shots. Don’t forget that you're also close to St James’ Park football stadium for those with a penchant for sporting architecture.

Photo tip: See if you can juxtapose the traditional Chinese architecture with the brutalist look of St James’ Park all in one shot.