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(Pocket-lint) - Bristol is steeped wit­h heritage, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's all chintz a dainty. From graffiti glad streets to industrial works, there's something for everyone. 

We've teamed up with Panasonic Lumix and Jessops to help us showcase 10 of the best photo spots and secret locations in cities around the UK. Here are our picks for Bristol, whether you are shooting with your phone or a great camera like the brand new Panasonic Lumix GX9.

The Lumix GX9 boasts a host of great features and is perfect for amateur photographers wanting a professional experience. With its compact body and high-end technology, the Lumix GX9 is an excellent companion for seekers of the authentic street-style picture.

We've got a Lumix GX9 to give away for the best city photograph taken from each of the following cities: 

Bromley Glasgow
Nottingham Belfast
Liverpool Newcastle
Cardiff Oxford
Exeter  Bristol

To help you with some inspiration, each week we'll be publishing some great hidden photo spots from the cities. We would love to see how you get on. All you have to do is either share your images on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #Lumixhiddencities, or email them to us at Lumixhiddencities@pocket-lint.com.

The best image from all the entries for each city will win a Lumix GX9 camera to help make your pictures even better, and will be printed on canvas and displayed in the local Jessops store. All entries will be submitted by the 23:59:59 on Friday 16 November 2018 (Pocket-lint T&Cs apply). 

Whether you're just trying to capture that perfect shot or share something inspirational on Instagram you should be able to find your perfect shot here: 

1. Cabot Tower

Perception of Reality / Shutterstock.comBest photo places in Bristol The secret instagram spots youll want to snap image 6

Set in the stunning parkland of Brandon Hill near Park Street, Cabot tower is a 105ft tower built in 1897 to commemorate John Cabot's voyage from Bristol to North America some 400 years earlier. To shoot the tower at its best, walk into Brandon Hill and head towards the pond. This gives you a low vantage point at which to shoot upwards making the tower look even taller.

PHOTO TIP: Shoot portrait rather than landscape to stretch those vertical lines even further

2. Clifton Suspension Bridge

Ian Carnew / Shutterstock.comBest photo places in Bristol The secret instagram spots youll want to snap image 4

The expectation would be to head straight to the bridge, but while that will deliver close-ups of the ironwork, you won't get the bridge in full unless you head into the nearby Clifton Observatory up on the hill. For something a little more accessible from the city you have two good choices. For an unobstructed view of the bridge, go to the top of Princes' Lane where it meets Sion Hill. If you want something a little more interesting head to the lock jetty alongside Hotwell Road. Here you'll get the bridge and some of the picturesque houses along Hotwell Road at the same time.

PHOTO TIP: The Clifton Suspension Bridge lights up at night, so shoot at dusk or night time to ensure it stands out from the background  

3. Hotwell Road and Cliftonwood

DJ Cockburn / Shutterstock.comBest photo places in Bristol The secret instagram spots youll want to snap image 3

Bristol Marina not only delivers some great shots of boats on the River Avon, but also a fantastic view of the colourful houses of Hotwell Road and Cliftonwood. For a shot that packs it all in, head to the Marina and shot across the river.

PHOTO TIP: Underexpose your photos a bit to avoid colours looking faded or washed out or use a polarizing lens to take away the reflections of the water.

4. Bristol Cathedral and College Green

Bristol CathedralBest photo places in Bristol The secret instagram spots youll want to snap image 7

Cathedrals are always a good place to take photos and Bristol Cathedral is happy for you to snap away as long as you don't do it during a service. Again there are plenty of options available here from shooting the Cathedral from the outside on College Green or playing with the light, lines and atmospherics inside.  

PHOTO TIP: When shooting stained glass windows try to keep your camera as still as possible using a tripod or if you've not got one to hand, rest your camera on a pew.

5. SS Great Britain


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Bristol is home to the SS Great Britain, the Brunel designed former passenger steamship built in 1845. The boat is a fantastic photo spot with various options available depending on what look you are after, whether that's the masts set against the backdrop of a setting sun, or shot from beneath to get its hull in the dry dock.

PHOTO TIP: Trying to get the whole boat into shot can be difficult and look cluttered. Focus on a specific part of the ship to help tell your story.

6. Stokes Croft graffiti

1000 Words / Shutterstock.comBest photo places in Bristol The secret instagram spots youll want to snap image 5

Bristol isn't just famous for its bridges and cathedrals, but its graffiti too, especially Banksy. Banksy was born in Bristol and there's plenty of his work on show including Well Hung Lover on Frogmore Street near College Green. However, head to Stokes Croft to the north of the city and you'll find a wide gambit of work from various artists on the buildings.

PHOTO TIP: To really give the graffiti context, wait till a passer-by walks in front of the artwork. 

7. Clifton Arcade

This quaint little Victorian arcade features around 17 artisan shops that make it a perfect Instagram spot for the weird, wonderful and vintage. If you're not snapping the curiosities in the stores, the staircase at the end makes for a great portrait spot.

PHOTO TIP: In markets or shops shoot close up so the products fill the photo to deliver more focus. 

8. M Shed

Andyparker72 / Shutterstock.comBest photo places in Bristol The secret instagram spots youll want to snap image 2

Located on the harbourside, M Shed is a wharf that has been turned into a museum. That's interesting for tourists, but photographers will be more interested in the four large mechanical cranes outside on the dockside. Best shot from below to capture their structure against the sky, shooting in black and white will really give an industrial feel. 

PHOTO TIP: Try and avoid cluttering the image with the buildings in the background, so shoot with M Shed behind you.