When it comes to pocket-sized cameras with all the zoom, the Panasonic Lumix TZ-series rules the roost. And the new TZ90 (that's ZS70 for our US friends) adds a tilt-angle touchscreen to the established 30x zoom stable.

The power of touch means the TZ90's 49-point autofocus system can be engaged with by hand (just like with its TZ80 predecessor), making this do-it-all travel zoom ultra capable.

Key to the TZ90's specification is its 30x optical zoom lens. This ranges from a wide-angle 24mm that can stretch all the way through to a 720mm equivalent to cover wide scenes or capture far-away subjects with ease. 

That's the very same lens that established itself in the previous TZ80 model. However, the TZ90 updates the sensor, bringing 20-megapixels of resolution for even more detailed shots than previous TZ models.

There's also 4K video capture and Panasonic's 4K Photo mode. New this time around is a 4K Selfie mode and Panorama Selfie, the latter which promises to put you at the centre of sweeping landscapes.

If you're looking for a pocketable camera with a built-in viewfinder, tilt-angle screen and touch controls then, based on spec alone, few can compare to this Lumix compact.

Available from June, the Lumix TZ90 will cost £399.