Panasonic has a new action camera that you're meant to wear. It's called HX-A1.

Described as a "wearable, ultra-compact, POV action camcorder," the HX-A1 weighs just 45 grams and can capture full HD footage. It's also water-, dust-, and freeze-resistant. The idea is that you'll strap it on your body before rafting or snowboarding just to shoot unique perspectives.

It even works in the dark: "Using an IR light source (commercially-available) and an IR filter for night mode (included in packaging), you can capture video in caves with no light or nocturnal wildlife at night," explained Panasonic.

Other specs include built-in Wi-Fi and "Wireless Twin Camera". That latter feature works like this: when using Wi-Fi, the action camcorder combines its footage with footage from the Panasonic WX970 and VX870 camcorders and presents it in a "sub-window", allowing more than one stream or angle to display simultaneously.

Panasonic's new action camera, which can record 60fps at 1280×720 pixels or 120fps at 848×480 pixels, also promises to capture every detail and further features a slow-motion option as well as a loop recording option.

The A1 will be available from Panasonic's website and some retailers and fits a range of accessories, including mounts, extended batteries, strap adapters, etc.

There's no word yet on pricing or a release date.

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