The Panasonic LX7 has arrived, sequel to one of our all time favourite compact cameras, the LX5. Incorporating a lightning-quick wide-angle f1.4 Leica lens, full manual controls and full HD 1080p video, it is quite a package. 

The LX7 is designed to be Panasonic's flagship compact camera and comes replete with the latest and greatest in imaging tech. This means a 10.1 megapixel mos sensor capable of shooting up to 12,800 ISO and Pana's latest image processing engine, Venus VII. 

In terms of build, the LX7 is geared towards full manual control, with features including an aperture ring, mode select dial and control pad. No touchscreen, but there is however a 3-inch rear display. We have had a lot of time playing with the LX7 and if you fancy reading more then why not check out our first look review.

On top of the LX7, Panasonic also rolled out one serious beast of a bridge camera, the FZ200. The spiritual sequel to the FZ150, it uses a 14-150 constant f2.8 lens to give you the most formidable shooting experience possible with a fixed lens. 

Naturally we have had a decent go using the FZ200 also, so take a peek at our first look review if you fancy reading more. The FZ200 should be on sale at the end of August/early September. The LX7 in September. 

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