The latest addition to Panasonic's Lumix G X Vario lens range is the H-HS12035, a 12-35mm constant f/2.8. 

The new Micro Four Thirds lens is pitched at the high end, sitting above the regular G Series lenses, and joins the two X lenses launched in 2011.

Unlike the existing lenses, however, the 12-35mm isn't a power lens. But it is solidly built, featuring a premium construction with metal barrel, and nano surface coating to reduce flare and ghosting.

We had our hands on a pre-production sample before the announcement and found that the zoom action was incredibly smooth, with the rubber grip making it feel nice and precise.


But perhaps the most interesting detail about the new lens is that it is water and dust resistant, Panasonic's first "weather-proofed" lens for the G Series compact system cameras.

It's interesting because none of the existing camera bodies are weather proofed, suggesting that Panasonic will be lining up a new model in the near future to rival the Olympus OM-D, also weather proofed.

This tallies with rumours that have been circulating for some time and with the Lumix GH2 now getting rather long in the tooth, this adds weight to the suggestion that we'll soon see the GH3 featuring a sealed body.

Of course, the latter is currently speculation, but the new lens can be yours from the end of June at just shy of £1000.