A Hong Kong celebrity and brand ambassador for Panasonic has seemingly announced the company's next camera, the Panasonic GF5, on social photo site Instagram. 

The picture, which has now been removed, shows what appears to be the next generation of Panasonic's Lumix GF series: the Lumix GF5.

Not much is known about the Panasonic GF5, but the camera appears to look very similar to the current GF3 model.

Looking to the photo sites for previous rumours, the camera is hinted to come with a 12-megapixel sensor and 12,800 ISO setting. It's also expected to launch in April or May.

As for why the GF5 isn't called the GF4, Japan, like China, doesn't like the number 4 - considered unlucky because it sounds too much like the word for death.

UPDATE: Further images have turned up of the GF5

"The mysterious Asian source from nPhoto just sent me the pictures of the white and black Panasonic GF5. The new revised grip makes the GF5 looks better than the Panasonic GF3. The source was also so kind to inform me that the high ISO noise-level is as same as the Canon 7D and60D. It’s nice to know you can get that kind of performance on a camera that fits in your pocket," reports 43rumours.com.

panasonic gf5 leaked before official launch image 2
panasonic gf5 leaked before official launch image 3