There have been a few surprises at the Panasonic booth this year which has forced us into a little bit of head scratching. Lacking the usual white card with tech specs, these mystery pieces of hardware made us put our thinking caps on.

Panasonic's headcam/third eye contraption is most definitely one of them. It looks to be a device that allows you to beam images straight from the cam to a smartphone screen, via either, what we presume is, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

The headset is a prototype, but in reality could prove hugely useful for commercial purposes. One example could be in policing, where cops on the ground could be monitored using the camera and a smartphone or tablet. 

The device reminds us in a way of GoPro's BacPac, which allows you to control a helmet camera remotely using a phone or wrist-mounted trigger. 

We will have more on the Panasonic prototype when we have it. 

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