There's nothing quite like showing off a nice concept, making people go "ooh" and "aah", in order to kick off a massive trade show - and that's exactly what Panasonic has done over in Berlin at IFA where it has detailed its first twin-lens 3D digital camera.

The multi-dimensional compact will be hitting shops either late this year, or early next, and will be able to shoot 2D photos and 2D HD video along with the 3D stills and videos (3D AVCHD).

It uses two 4x zoom lenses with thin, folded optics and optical image stabilisation is on board for 3D shooting as well. Obviously, Panasonic is keen to stress that any 3D action you take can be viewed back on your 3D Viera TV.

As well as the 3D Lumix concept, Panasonic also announced the HDC-Z10000. This is a hardcore 3D camcorder capable of shooting Full 1080p HD video, or 1080i AVCHD 3D video.

It packs dual CMOS sensors with a megapixel reading of 13.1 and boasts a 3.5-inch 1,152k dot LCD which gives glasses-free 3D playback.

No word on pricing or availability yet - but we'd hazard a guess at "expensive".

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