(Pocket-lint) - Panasonic has released the DMC-FX90, a camera that allows users to skip out the computer-connected middle man and upload shots straight to things like Facebook and Flickr via the joys of built-in Wi-Fi.

The really exciting thing about the DMC-FX90, however, is an innovative app called Lumix Link, which allows you to connect the camera up to your iPhone or Android handset and send photos straight over your phone network. 

A dedicated on-camera Wi-Fi button allows you to switch the connectivity on or off saving both battery and what presumably could result in the odd accidental upload. The camera can send images and video directly to Facebook, Picasa, Flick and YouTube.

For those who wish to spam their social networks and photo sites with a particularly good shot, the Lumix Club allows you to login and share images via one single username and password. 

Wi-Finess aside, the actual camera itself features a Leica DC Vario Summarit lens with an F2.5 aperture. Anti-blur and a 24mm ultra wide angle setup allows for plentiful shooting flexibility. The new Venus Engine SLI and Sonic Speed AF should, in theory, keep focus locking fast and noise production low when shooting in dark areas. 

A 12.1-megapixel Full HD 50i capable sensor lives inside the FX90 which is capable of recording full 3D images. There is also face recognition and an intelligent auto mode for photography newbies or those who are a bit camera-lazy.

We have seen Wi-Fi-enabled cameras before at Pocket-lint from companies like Nikon and Samsung (SH100), with Qualcomm frequently mentioning taking snapping further, but this is the first time we can think anything app based and 3G savvy has come about. Short of using an Eye-Fi card and Mi-Fi, this is one of the quickest and smoothest solutions we can think for sending shots straight online. 

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.