Panasonic has released images of a commission, it gave to photographer Will Cooper Mitchell, called "A City Exposed"; using the Panasonic Lumix GF2 Mr Mitchell produced five urban-themed galleries.

The "A City Exposed" campaign showcases the five galleries as well as a short film, taken with the GF2, and aims to capture, "a candid portrait of life in London, but rather than focus on the significant landmarks we associate with the bustling capital, exposes more intimate interaction with everyday environments and the characters that are the life blood of London’s cultural diversity."

We'll let you be the judge of whether it manages this or not, but for our money the galleries certainly show off some quality shots. The galleries are named Nocturnal Creatures, East London Hustle, Roof Ride, Identity and Berlin.

Speaking about his experience with the Lumix GF2, Will comments "My usual pro set up is great but the GF2 has freed me up and allowed me to be the photographer who always has a camera in his pocket and never misses a good opportunity – well, almost never! The problem for photographers is you can’t just shut off. I am always thinking about that picture just there or the one across the street. The GF2 has allowed all those moments to become unmissable."

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