Panasonic is expected to launch the new Panasonic GH2, it's latest Micro Four Thirds camera, at Photokina in Cologne, Germany, on the 21 September and the first official looking press shot has turned up online.

Uncovered by, the new camera expected to debut on Monday will mirror the design of the Panasonic G2 rather than the older Panasonic GH1.

According to the site the GH2 will come with an 18 Megapixels multiscale sensor (16 effective Megapixels), 100-12.800 ISO, 1080i 60 24Mbit/s AVCHD video recording, and high-speed burst shooting of 5 fps with 16 MP. There's also a touchscreen LCD.

The camera looks to replace the Panasonic GH1, which was announced in 2009, adding features to the G2 announced in May.

The news follows Panasonic's teasing of a prototype Micro Four Thirds camera with interchangeable 3D lens.

Eventually due to form part of the G-Series, the camera we saw was sporting the G2 chassis, but we expect a whole new casing to be unveiled at the official launch which will most likely take place at the upcoming Photokina show in Cologne. 

The camera uses two lenses to capture a stereoscopic photo, which is then processed into a 3D snap. The prototype wasn't as small as some Micro Four Thirds models on the market, but it was still neat and compact in comparison to the brand's DSLR models. It also felt reassuringly sturdy and comfortable to hold, with the matte finish providing an extra-safe grip.

Could that new casing be the GH2?

Pocket-lint will be live at Photokina from the 21 September to 23 September bringing you all the latest camera news, and first looks as they happen. Stay tuned.