First it was there, now it's gone. Panasonic's US camcorder homepage had, for a fleeting moment, a section for 3D camcorders. Fortunately, we managed to take a screengrab before it disappeared.

It's certainly an interesting form factor and concept, as it seems to be conventional HD camcorder body, with a 3D conversion lens bolted on. And it's clearly the camera that Pocket-lint expects to be launched in Japan on 28 July.

The blurb states: "Now it's your turn! Introducing the World's first 3D camcorder. Dynamic 3D images can now be recorded by anyone."

Now, we've actually corrected the text above (based on the original version), so we wonder whether it was withdrawn because, a) the text was un-subbed and therefore not fit for public consumption, or b) the 3D camcorder was not meant to be revealed yet. We suspect both.

Nonetheless, it's interesting news, as it confirms one thing for sure; Panasonic is determined to put the ability to spread the 3D gospel across its entire product range. And 3D video will no longer be confined to professional use.

Considering previous experience with Panny kit, and its saturation policies both sides of the pond, we fully expect this camcorder to come to the UK later this year.