Panasonic has been going camera launch crazy as of late. We were treated to our first looks at four new devices, the DMC-LX5, DMC-FZ100, DMC-FT10 and FZ100 recently.

And the electronics giant also seems to be embracing the 3D revolution as well, we also told you about the all-in-one 3D TVs that it was showing off in Japan.

So it will come as no surprise to know that Panasonic is looking to combine the two areas, with a move into the 3D camera market, or more specifically the 3D camcorder market.

Reports suggests that a consumer-based 3D video camera will be unveiled to the world at a Tokyo launch event on 28 July.

Panasonic already has a 3D camera for the professional market, but this will be the first time a major manufacturer has offered up 3D shooting to Joe Public.

There are no specific details about the camera at the moment, but be sure to check Pocket-lint next week, where we'll be telling you exactly what Panasonic reveals.