Panasonic has announced what the company sees as the final piece in its 3D jigsaw puzzle - a 3D video camera that consumers are able to afford.

The Panasonic HTC-SD750 is based on a single lens, 2D camcorder upgrade to the 700 series, but it comes with a 3D converter lens to strap on. The SD750 records footage via a 3MOS sensor system - with each one responsible for a different primary colour - through a 1.5/f, 35mm Leica lens and onto an SD card.

It can capture Full HD video at 1080/50p for clearer high speed action at up to 12x optical zoom and lays down the results in AVCHD file format. It's not the first 3D video camera the company has made but, until now, this kind of kit was the preserve of the film industry willing to spend $21,000 a time.

The SD750 also features all the toys Panasonic has in its play cupboard with 3-axis, powered optical image stabilisation; stills shooting at 14.2 megapixels, AF and face tracking, as well as Intelligent Auto so that the camera can set all the correct exposure settings by analysing the scene in the frame.

Sadly, you can't change the distance between the two optics on the converter lens itself, so it's just the one level of depth setting that you're stuck with. However, at the brief demonstration Pocket-lint was given at the Panasonic optical imagine seminar in Stockholm, the 3D results were certainly impressive enough all the same.

The Panasonic HTC-SD750 will be out in the Autumn and although no price has been confirmed, rest assured it will cost considerably less than $21,000.