Panasonic has announced two new Micro Four Thirds cameras at the start of Focus on Imaging in Birmingham and Pocket-lint was hands on to grab a quick fondle. 

As announced the new models will introduce a new entry-level offering in the guise of the G10 and a direct G1 replacement as in the G2, seen here. 

New elements to the camera not seen in the G1 (launched in 2009) is the ability to record video, a new focus setting dial on the left hand shoulder and a new iA button on the right. The jog wheel has also been moved from the front right to rear right. 

Strange then that all these buttons fight against a large touchscreen display that allows you to select the point of focus with the press of your finger. 

No official word on pricing or availability, but a rather loose lipped "man on the stand" suggested that those wishing to get one in a couple of months (read May) should expect to pay around £650 for the G2 and around £500 for the G10.