Olympus has announced the E-420 Komachi Kit that brings together a number of products to help you get the best from the Four Thirds Standard camera.

Named after famous Japanese poet Ono no Komachi, who was renowned for her beauty, obviously the main piece of the kit is the E-420 which packs 10 megapixels into its compact body, boasts full manual control, but also enables incredible ease of use with 28 different shooting modes, including full auto.

The integration of the Olympus-exclusive Supersonic Wave Filter means protection against dust is guaranteed, and the Live View function allows users to preview images in real time on the bright 2.7" HyperCrystal II LCD.

The kit also contains the Zuiko Digital 25mm 1:2.8 pancake lens, which measures an overall length of 23.5mm and weighs just 95g making it highly portable.

It provides an angle of view equivalent to 50mm (on a 35mm camera) – which is near to that of the human eye - plus due to its adherence to the Four Thirds Standard, it is extremely versatile, and compatible with all Four Thirds-based cameras.

This camera body and lens pairing measures in at a total length of just 76.5mm, which Olympus claims makes it the most compact DSLR set-up in the world.

Also included in the kit is a hand-made brown leather carrying case and strap, a 1GB CompactFlash memory card, LCD lens protector and a lens cloth.

The Komachi kit will hit stores in October 2008 and will be priced at £539.99.