Olympus has announced the release of a new range of FE cameras, described as affordable. With pricing from £99, the FE-26, FE-4000 and FE-5020 will go on sale in the UK from August.

All models offer 12-megapixels, up to 5x optical zoom, advanced face detection for up to 16 people, an AF tracking function for moving subjects, and an intelligent i-Auto option allows the camera to automatically adjust to five common scenes.

The FE-4000 and FE-5020 also get "Magic Filter" functions for special slash novelty effects.

The Olympus FE-26, priced at £99, will be offered in flamingo pink, cornflower blue and cosmic black. It offers a 2.7-inch display, dual image stabilisation and the ability to record movies with sound.

The Olympus FE-4000 will be available in five colours - pure white, dark grey, metal magenta, arctic blue and tangerine orange for £139, while the £169 Olympus FE-5020 gets a more serious palette of pure white, dark grey, mocha brown and ocean blue.