The tech specs may be slim on the ground, but rumour has it that Olympus is going to be offering a sneak peek at a new DSLR at Photokina this week.

The E-A1, which is a new FourThirds model, is going to be launched early next year, but Olympus is set to use the tradeshow in Cologne to show off a prototype.

Aimed at prosumers, the E-A1 will allegedly have the same 11-point autofocus system as the E-3 as well as built-in image stabilisation and a max shutter speed of 1/8000 second.

If the web whisperings are to believed, it will also have a camcorder-style flip-out screen and a new "weather proofing system".

And the usual face detection and a shadow adjustment tool are also going to be available.

No price as yet but Laptop Logic suggests it will be more than the $600 E-520, and less than the $1500 E-3.

Watch this space...