Pocket-lint.co.uk has been able to confirm that the official "public release" date for Olympus' new digital SLR offering will be on October 17th at midnight.

The E-1 successor, that Olympus are describing as their new flagship product, will be unveiled then. This new model has been much discussed in photography circles.

It's though it might be a 10-megapixel offering with weatherproofing, dust-reduction on the image sensor, live preview with a swiveling LCD screen and an image stabilisation but nothing has been officially confirmed by Olympus.

Canon and Nikon both revealed new DSLRs recently, Panasonic made an announcement at IFA and Sony's consumer level Alpha offering is due out by the end of the year, so another option from Olympus will mean consumers literally spoiled for choice in what was once quite a small market.

We will of course be covering the launch of this exciting-looking release so will bring you all the news at the time...