A leaked Olympus document suggest that the coming-soon Olympus E-P1 could be announced in October and launched in November.

We've known that there is a new DSLR looming from Olympus for a while now - the company has previously shown off prototypes at trade shows and is running a teaser for the new camera on its website, but this doc offers more info.

The document in question is a PowerPoint marketing presentation that was anonymously posted in a photo discussion site naming the camera as the E-P1 which will be the successor to Olympus' E-1 launched back in 2003.

Olympus is pitching the new model as a competitor to the Nikon D200 and the Canon EOS 30D. According to the presentation, he E-P1 will offer a 10-megapixel sensor and improvements will be made to the viewfinder, making it larger, and to the autofocus, making it faster.

Other features are rumoured to include weatherproofing, technology for dust-reduction on the image sensor, live preview with a swiveling LCD screen and an image sensor stabilization to help with camera shake that will apparently allow users to use shutter speeds five stops slower than before.

Apparently Olympus has declined to comment on these revelations, but has requested at least one site remove the information about the new camera.

STORY UPDATE! Olympus has since issued a statement claiming that this document did not originate from them - please see link below for more information.