In addition to the two cameras we've already told you, Olympus unveiled another five compact cams, including two to its Mju range of style cameras.

The Mju 770 SW is designed to be shockproof to falls up to 1.5m, waterproof to 10m, and able to withstand temperatures to as low as -10 degrees C.

The 7MP compact will be available in March for around £300 and is available in blue, grey, or Brown.

The Mju 760 looks to be a lesser version of the 770, designed with the same specifications (3x zoom, three colours, 7MP), but without the weatherproof, life-proof protection.

It will be available in silver, blue, and red in March for around £200.

And finally, there's three new FE models, the 210, the 230, and 240, which will be available for £100, £150, and £180 respectively.

The most expensive of the bunch, the FE-240, sets itself apart with a 5x zoom lens that has a focal length of 38-190mm in a 35mm equivalent scale.