Photographer Patrick Lichfield has died in hospital on Friday after suffering a stroke. He was 66.

Lichfield, first cousin once removed to the Queen, was best known for his informally posed 1981 wedding portraits of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
His interest in photography was sparked when his mother gave him a camera as he was sent off to boarding school at the tender age of seven.

His social connections opened doors to him worldwide - including those of Buckingham Palace - giving him unprecedented access to the cream of society and the arts. He photographed hosts of beautiful women for fashion magazines and calendars.

I had the pleasure of meeting him 2 years ago for an exhibition he was doing in connection with Olympus of his work between 1962-1982.

In my brief meeting with him, he came across as a wonderful fellow who obviously enjoyed what it did and more so by the fact that people enjoyed his work.

He will be sorely missed.