Olympus has teased a new camera in the run up to Photokina 2012 in the guise of a Twitter competition on a Tumblr page. 

The post on dramatictone.tumblr.com (dramatic tone being one of the Olympus Art Filters) shows a street shot with a camera scratched out.

The accompanying text on the post offers a "modest prize" for the first 20 people to tweet the names of the TV series which featured the cafe in the background behind "Kelly".

We don't know anything about the cafe - except that the one in question offers breakfast - but we sure are interested in the camera that has been obscured from view.

It's obviously white or cream with a reasonably large display on the rear. Judging by the colouration there's hotshoe or accessory port on the top (to the right, as it's being help in portrait).

There's no real sign of a large lens on the front, but we know how much Olympus likes its pancake lens, so this could be a Micro Four Thirds Pen model with the 17mm lens in place.


Zooming up close, it appears as though the degradation is strongest on the left shoulder, we suspect to obliterate a product name.

That's about all we can discern from this latest tease from Olympus, so we'll have to wait a few more days until the truth is revealed.

We'll be bringing you all the new announcements from Photokina 2012 as they happen: you can keep up with all the action on our dedicated Photokina 2012 homepage.