Along with the official launch of the OM-D and the unveiling of the Tough TG-820 and TG-620 cameras, Olympus has also found time to announce the successor to its SZ-30MR super-zoom compact - the Olympus SZ-31MR.

Packing the same 16-megapixel backlit sensor as its predecessor, as well as an identical 24x (25-600mm) optical zoom, the SZ-31MR also has a new image processor - the dual engine TruePic V.

Like the TG-820, the new camera boasts Olympus' new iHS (Intelligent, High-Sensitivity and High-Speed) tech, which it claims will produce sharper and more vivid images, along with a smart panorama mode, HDR backlight adjustment, advanced i-Auto mode, AF tracking, and face and pet detection. Videos are shot in Full HD 1080p and the ISO range is 80 to 640.

The new compact super-zoom flagship camera features a 3-inch, 920k dot touchscreen LCD, which also boasts touch shutter controls and touch auto-focusing.

olympus sz 31mr sails the compact superzoom flagship image 15

And if you thought we were done for the day with new Olympus camera news then think again as the sleek looking Olympus SH-25M has also been unleashed.

It doesn't quite have the 24x zoom skills of the SZ-31MR, coming in at 12.5x (24-300mm), but it does boast the same 16-megapixel backlit sensor and the TruePic V processor, as well as the iHS tech and the 1080p HD video skills.

Its display is a 3-inch 460k dot one which also has touch-screen options and the SH-25M also has GPS and an electronic compass built-in, with three-sensor technology, "for orientation and key information at a glance".

The Olympus SZ-31MR is available from late March for £299.99  The SH-25M will land a month later but with a price-tag £70 less.