Pictures of the new Olympus E-PM1 have appeared online showing what looks like an even smaller take on the companies' micro four thirds Pen range. 

Olympus is expected to announced three new Pen cameras on 30 June, which rest assured Pocket-lint will be there to take a look at. In the meantime have a glance at this snap of one of the new ultra compacts. Rumours point to the cameras having a lightning fast autofocus that will outdo most of the current consumer level competition as well as some DSLRs. 

Expect new imaging sensors and engine to process shots, which likely means better colours, dynamic range and low light photography. The new cameras will all come with touch screens, the E-PL3 will have a tilt screen, the E-PL1 no tilt but a built in flash. 

No info yet on pricing or release date, but expect more at the end of this month when we hopefully get some hands on time with the new cameras. 

new olympus pen pics emerge image 2

Until then, you have to do with this extremely obscure video on the Olympus website...