Do you like the colour black? Good because Olympus has launched two exclusive kits for its Micro Four Thirds flagship the E-P2 on Tuesday, ahead of Photokina and the rumoured launch of the E-5 later in the month - the colour black being its main focus.

The two new kits will come in black and offer a black edition of the company's M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 17mm 1:2.8 Pancake lens along with a limited run of some black accessories.

The E-P2 Special Black EVF Edition features the detachable V-F2 electronic viewfinder while the E-P2 Special Black Flash Edition offers the FL-14 external flash. 

"For style aficionados, the icing on the cake is a historical lens cap featuring the famous F logo from the classic 1963 Olympus Pen F, one of the most stylish cameras ever made", says Olympus boldly.

The E-P2 Special Black EVF Edition will be available for 1079 euros and the E-P2 Special Black Flash Edition for 1049 euros from October 2010. Both kits are limited editions and may not be available for long.

The other details of the camera are unchanged.

Released at the beginning of the year it has scored a 9/10 from Pocket-lint. In February we said:

"The Olympus Pen E-P2 is a wonderful little camera and you can't help feeling that this is the camera the E-P1 should have been. Even though we loved the E-P1, the additions to the E-P2 make it even more compelling; those who have invested in the E-P1 are probably now kicking themselves that they didn't wait around a little longer".

If the Micro Four Thirds camera system appeals to you, then you'll love the quality and handling that the E-P2 has on offer. The range of options is impressive, whether you are a novice attracted to the design, or an enthusiast looking for a more compact camera with plenty of creative control. Whichever you are, the E-P2 is immense fun to use, if a little pricey".