It's been a busy few days when it comes to looking at what the future may hold for us in terms of digital photography.

First up, we saw the incredible demo by Canon on its 2030 Wonder Camera. Then Nikon chief Makoto Kimura spilled the beans about its new mirrorless camera that is coming soon and now these patent pictures from Olympus have been unearthed, showing off a raft of new technological features.

The patent, which was originally filed in 2004, shows a camera with an adjustable L shaped frame, so you can determine which aspect ratio you want your picture to be taken in.

If you want a wide landscape shot then simply slide the frame to the right, or for a close up and squarer portrait shuffle it towards the left sided controls.

The coolest feature of the camera, which we're hoping is in development now, is that it has a sensor in the centre of the view finder which recognises your eye. It can then assess which shot you are actually "looking" to get and calibrate the settings to help you get the shot that you imagined.

If you're as fascinated by the idea as we are then you can read the patent in its entirety.

So what camera concept has grabbed your attention out of the three recent revelations? The futuristic Canon Wonder Camera, the mirrorless Nikon or this idea from Olympus? Give us your thoughts below.