Olympus has launched two new cameras into its "Mju Tough" range with the introduction of the 8010 and the 6020, compacts you can soak, drop and freeze, should you so desire.

Both 14-megapixel options, the new Toughs offer 5x optical zoom, HD movie recording and an HDMI output, take SD cards and boast 2.7-inch LCD displays.

Other features include built-in dual image stabilisation, various shooting modes, face detection and a 2GB internal memory.

Those tough specs come in with the ability to withstand temps down to -10 degrees C, waterproofing to 10 metres, shockproofing to 2 metres while the 8010 gets a manometer pressure meter - handy for divers.

Due to be available in a variety of colours, the two new Toughs will be available to buy from March 2010 for a retail price of £399.99 and £319.99.