Olympus has unveiled a new version of its E-P1 camera called - you guessed it - the E-P2. The second edition matches its older brother in every way, but exceeds it in several, too.

For starters, there's now an electronic viewfinder available, that plugs into the hot shoe on the top and Olympus reckons it's twice as bright and packs three times the contrast of any other model on the market. It can also capture 7 minutes of HD video along with high-res still shots.

There's two new art filters - "Diorama", which captures tilt-shifted images, and "Cross Process", which alters colours to create a "surreal" look to a picture. Both can be applied to both stills and video. The other addition is that of AF tracking - keeping focus even if a subject moves around - and a colour adjustment mode called iEnhance.

The camera will be available in black only from January 2010 and costs £850. The E-P1 will continue to be sold alongside it, for a little less cash, so the option is yours.