Nikon has announced a new cashback offer on its DSLR, the D60, which enable anyone buying one on the run up to Christmas to save a bit of money in the process.

You'll actually be able to save up to £50, and the cashback offer is available on all lens combinations purchased between 17th November and 18th January 2009 inclusive.

If you buy the D60 single lens kit, you'll be eligible for £30 cashback, but go the whole hog and buy the D60 twin lens kit and you'll be able to claim the full £50 back.

The deadline for both claims is the 2nd March, but the camera has to have been purchased between the offer dates mentioned above.

More information about the cashback offer and details about how to submit a claim can be found at Nikon's website, so head over there to find out what you need to send off to get your hands on the money.