The rumours continue to swirl the internet about Nikon's D90 camera, and the latest to come to light is the price we can expect to pay.

Well, those in America anyway. Someone who works for Circuit City, a big US electrical chain, has said that the D90 is already listed on the company's inventory system at a price of $1299.99 (around £650).

This is what the tipster had to say:

"I have some D90 info. I work for Circuit City. While checking our DSLR inventory I noticed that the Nikon D90 with an 18-105mm VR lens was listed as an active SKU in our system. The price came up at $1299.99. I started a ticket and it was actually letting me special order the camera. The Web ID for the camera is NIK D90KIT18105VR. I don’t know if this will stay in the system but anyone should be able to special order a D90 from a Circuit City store using that SKU if it doesn’t change."

No details on how true this is but it certainly seems like a reliable source. Now, we just need UK prices...