It's been a rather Nikon-filled couple of days here on Photography Press, and we're sure Nikon would like to keep it that way.

It has just announced it has added the Nikon D40 to its summer cashback offer, not to mention extended the offer on the D60 that started around May.

From 1st July, customers will be to claim up to £60 cashback for a twin lens D40 kit and £90 cash back on the D60 kit which has now been extended to include the SB-400 and SB-600.

The breakdown of the D40 offer is £40 back for any single lens kit purchased with any Nikkor AF/AF-S lens, and £60 back for any twin lens set - with either two lenses, or a lens and a flash.

The breakdown of the D60 offer is similar, but just you get a little more back. The single lens kit will bag you £60 cashback, while the twin lens kit, again with either two lenses or a lens and a flash, will get you the full £90. Certainly not something to be sniffed at.

All purchases have to be made between 1st July and 31st August 2008 and claims must arrive by 30th September 2008.

Full details about how to claim cashback can be found at on the Nikon website so head on over there for more information.