While all eyes and thoughts have been on the D700, the folks at Nikon haven't forgotten about the D3 and D300, and have updated firmware for both to fix some glitches.

The latest D3 firmware adds new function button customisation options, though not the ones featured on the D700. As well as this, Nikon has also addressed the problem that some users experienced in which the battery indicator would incorrectly register an empty battery. This problem has also been addressed in new firmware for the D300.

Other improvements in this rather meaty update include improvements to AF and Auto White Balance mode, as well as correcting for the battery indicator errors. Many of the other changes are smaller tweaks to fix menu problems and the like.

The only D700 feature to appear is the addition of the virtual horizon function to live view mode. Apart from this though, the new function button customisation options are just not as extensive as its younger sibling. The D3 changes add three more options that can be assigned to the Function, Preview or AE-L/AF-L buttons. The only completely original option is the ability to scroll between shooting menu banks (user-defined presets) with the press of a button and turn of the control dial. Handy.

The firmware also separates the image area (FX/DX/5:4) option into two, so that you can choose to either scroll between all three image sizes or just between FX and DX.

You can download the updates from the Nikon website.