Nikon UK has unveiled a brand-new flagship Speedlight offering high-speed, high-power operation combined with an extended zoom range.

The Nikon SB-900 incorporates a moving diffuser and light source that can zoom from 17mm to 200mm in a pretty impressive 1.2 seconds while still maintaining an even light distribution. You can also choose between three illumination patterns (centre-weighted, standard and even) that can be selected to suit a particular subject.

The SB-900 is adapted to both DX and FX formats, and will automatically select the appropriate light distribution pattern according to the sensor format of the camera it is attached to. It also automatically detects the fitting of fluorescent or incandescent colour filters, instructing the camera to switch to the appropriate white balance setting.

Probably one of the most notable points about the flash is its built-in thermal sensing system that protects the unit against overheating. This means the SB-900 can handle repear firing at high power and features an improved booster circuit for high-speed recycling.

The SB-900 is fully compatible with the other Speedlights and accessories of the Nikon Creative Lighting System, and can be incorporated into multiple-flash lighting set-ups. Its bounce flash capability is provided through a head that can be tilted up by 90º and down by 11º and rotated horizontally through 180º.

Expected for release in July, the SB-900 flash will set you back £349.99.