Nikon has announced two software updates to its Nikon View NX and Nikon Transfer 1.1.0 software packages.

The new version, Nikon View Nx 1.1.0 sees support for the Service Pack 1 versions of 32-bit Windows Vista added as well as support for the latest version of Apple’s Mac OS X version 10.5.2.

But it’s not just OS upgrades that have been addressed. The configuration of the Navigation Palette has been changed to consist of Folders, Metadata, and Quick Adjustment palettes and folders palette displays a folder tree, to help users find and display folders containing images. In addition, folders that are frequently accessed can be added to a list of favourite folders.

Elsewhere the Metadata palette displays a variety of information about images, including information such as file name and image size; camera info such as shooting date, the model used, lens information, focal length, sensitivity settings, exposure mode and shutter speed.

XMP/IPTC information, such as keywords, description, creator, and origin can also be displayed, and edited and saved to image files.

The Quick Adjustment palette allows for adjustment of exposure compensation and white balance settings with RAW (NEF) images. Picture Controls are available for enhancing images. Gradation and Saturation can also be adjusted using the D-Lighting HS and Colour Booster enhancements with RAW (NEF), JPEG, and TIFF images.

Other features include:

- A Favourites folder pane has been added at the top of the Navigation Palette’s Folders palette.
- Support for optional Picture Controls has been added. When optional Picture Controls are installed, these are added to the Picture Controls list in the Quick Adjustments palette, and can be applied to images.
- D-Lighting HS and Colour Booster features have been added for image adjustment and enhancement. W hen RAW (NEF) images saved using Capture NX is displayed in ViewNX, only the preview image within RAW (NEF) images is displayed.
- When two monitors are used, a Thumbnails and Full Screen option in the Thumbnail Control bar allows thumbnails to be displayed in the primary monitor and full-screen images to be displayed in the secondary monitor.
- Support for audio files recorded using voice recording features has been added. An icon indicating an audio file is displayed in the Thumbnail Grid, allowing for audio playback of the file.
- A Recycle Bin button has been added to the Bottom bar.
- An option has been added that displays an alert when image files captured with the image authentication feature enabled are edited.
- A None option has been added to the middle name of the rule displayed in the File Naming dialog.
- Show Movies and Show Voice Recordings options have been added to the options available from the Thumbnail Control bar in Thumbnail Grid and Image Viewer modes. If movies or voice recordings are not displayed, check the Show Movies or Show Voice Recordings option in the Thumbnail Control bar.
- A Tooltip that displays file information when the mouse cursor is positioned over a file name in Thumbnail Grid and Image Viewer modes has been added.
- The previous Camera Settings and XMP/IPTC Information palettes have been combined in a Metadata palette that now displays File & Camera Information and XMP/IPTC Information.
- When voice recording files are selected, File (file name), Date Created, and Date Modified, File Size items have been added to the information displayed in File Info 1 in the Metadata palette.
- A feature has been added that displays image information for image and movie files in the upper left corner of the Image View area when the i button in the Image Control bar is clicked in Image Viewer and Full Screen modes. Display of shooting information can also be enabled and disabled by pressing “I” on the keyboard.
- The All Images option in the Edit menu has been moved to the Select Image submenu, and a Select All option has been added to the Edit menu.
- 200% and 400% display options have been added to the display scales available in the Image View area in Image Viewer and Full Screen modes.
- Individual R, G, B, and Brightness channels can now be displayed simultaneously with histogram display in the Image View area in Image Viewer and Full Screen modes. In addition, histogram display can now be enabled and disabled by pressing the SPACE key on the keyboard.
- The label and rating box displayed at the bottom left of the slideshow window when slideshows were played has been eliminated. Image label and rating are now displayed in the Slide Control bar.
- The minimum value that can be entered when changing image size with file conversion has been reduced to 320 pixels for either width or height, whichever is longer.
- An issue that prevented display of accurate information in the Camera Settings palette for images captured in scene modes unique to the COOLPIX P80 and COOLPIX S520 has been resolved.

Nikon Transfer 1.1.0 include:

- Support for the Service Pack 1 versions of 32-bit Windows Vista Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Enterprise/Ultimate has been added.
- Support for Mac OS X version 10.5.2 (Leopard) has been added.
- Hyphens or underscores can now be included between the year, month, day, hour, minute, and second when folders are created with names including the date, or when file names are changed, with the Create subfolder for each transfer or Rename photos during transfer options checked in the Primary Destination Options panel.
- When images were transferred with the Rename photos during transfer option in the Primary Destination Options panel checked and Sequential number applied in the naming rule, sequential numbering was not consistent with shooting date. This issue has been resolved.
- When all thumbnails in the thumbnail list are selected, images can now be deleted from the transfer queue one at a time by holding down the CTRL key and clicking individual images.