Fantasea Line has announced that its waterproof housing for the Nikon Coolpix 50, S50c, S51 and S51c cameras, is also compatible with Nikon's newly announced S52 and S52c models.

Now providing waterproof protection against six Nikon cameras, the FS-51 housing provides photographers with access to all camera functions even when underwater.

Depth rated to 60 metres/200 feet, the housing features Fantasea's latest design and improved construction, including a double O-ring seal on all controls, anti-glare hood over LCD screen, built-in flash diffuser and a 41mm lens port.

And just for your added peace of mind, as with all other Fantasea Camera Housings, in the event of accidental water leakage, your Coolpix camera inside is insured. Ace.

The FS-51 is available on Fantasea Line's website and costs $245 (about £125).