Nikon had to pull a major firmware update for the D3 DSLR after photographers reported that some images were becoming corrupted.

Now an updated version of the firmware has been released and is available online.

Nikon explains: "This service provides software for upgrading D3 A firmware to Ver 1.10 and B firmware to v1.11. When performing this firmware upgrade, be sure to upgrade both A and B firmware".

"Be aware that operation of your D3 is not guarenteed if either A or B firmware is upgraded while the other firmware is not upgraded."

Among the improvements promised are a vignette control tool in the shooting menu; a focus point brightness item has been added to the a6: Focus point illumination setting in the Autofocus category of Custom Settings; and when a compatible Speedlight or Wireless Speedlight Commander is used, the AF assist illuminator now lights regardless of the focal length.

For a full list of the updates, see the link below.