Nikon has pulled a firmware update for the D3 DSLR after finding that it may, in some cases, cause image data to corrupt.

Version 1.10 was released for both Mac and PC owners last week but Nikon has now published a warning and urged those who have not yet downloaded the update to not do so.

It writes: "On 15 April, 2008, an announcement was made on the Nikon website that the version 1.10 firmware update for the D3 DSLR camera was available for download".

"However, it has been confirmed that when certain settings are applied with the updated firmware, image data may, in some rare cases, be corrupted."

"Therefore, we have terminated the firmware update download. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this issue may have caused."

The settings affected are as follows:

Release mode: Continuous high speed (Ch), or Continuous low speed (Cl) with Custom Setting d2 set to 9fps

Image area: FX format (36 x 24) or 5:4 (30 x 24)

Image quality: NEF (RAW) or NEF (RAW) + JPEG fine/normal/basic

NEF (RAW) recording>NEF (RAW) bit depth: 14-bit

Nikon adds that photographers who have already downloaded the update should avoid the settings listed above and an updated firmware fix will be published later this month.