Like your panoramic view option on your digital camera? Well one designer on behalf of Nikon has come up with the Nikon Coolpix 360 concept, a design that allows you take 360 degree pictures.

The idea is that the camera saves you having to turn around on the spot trying match up the individual pictures to get in the vista.

Based on an ergonomic cylindrical form lens, an angle indicator provides a gauge on the direction of the rotating head and is also an additional detail to provide the camera with a stronger and steadier feel while in operation.

A built-in inclinometer indicates the horizontality of position prior to execution.

No word as to whether this will ever make it in to production or in fact be on sale in the UK.

Disappointingly the camera doesn't look like it comes with its own tripod so you can make sure you are in the picture as well - now there's an idea.

We will keep you posted.