The British Journal of Photography has spilled the beans on Nikon's latest camera expected to be launched on Wednesday.

"Last week I travelled to St Andrews for the pre-launch of the Nikon D3s, a camera that can see what the eye cannot, by virtue of its extraordinary sensitivity to even the most low lit environments, boasting 'standard' ISO settings up to 12,800, a boost mode up to 102,400 - something that would have been unfathomable to film photographers 20 years ago", says the journal's editor Simon Bainbridge in a post that has gone presumably live ahead of schedule considering Nikon doesn't currently offer a D3S.

The rest of the article keeps details thin on the ground with Bainbridge instead preferring to talk about where digital photography it going rather than specifics on the actual camera itself.

Expect more details on the D3S very shortly.