(Pocket-lint) - Nikon has announced a new Digital SLR camera on Tuesday morning that like Canon's recently announced 500D, will aim to offer amateur photographers the chance to record video.

The new D5000 will inherit the Nikon D90’s HD movie capability, Nikon’s proprietary D-Movie function, and extensive in-camera editing features to enhance images says Nikon.

The camera, which will offer a 12.3-Megapixel sensor and high-sensitivity that ranges between ISO 200 and 3200 (which can be extended to ISO 100 and ISO 6400 equivalent), will also come with a 2.7-inch Vari-angle LCD monitor that like the Olympus e-series cameras lets users move the display around to get the best angle.

Nikon is hoping that a number of the company's technologies found on its other models will help users take better pictures.

The D5000 offers D-Movie for movies, while users get four types of contrast AF (wide area, normal area, face detection and new subject tracking) to make capture as easy as possible. If that isn't enough users will also get 19 scene modes as well as full manual control over the cameras features.

Sporting a HDMI socket so users can connect it directly to a TV, the camera will record at 720p resolution.

The camera will cost £719.99 for the body and £799.99 for the D5000 with a 15-55 VR lens kit making it considerably cheaper than the Canon 500D.

Nikon says the camera is expected in the shops on the 1 May.

Writing by Stuart Miles.