Nikon is sure to upset a few photography enthusiasts with its latest announcement that it will be hiking its prices for the second time this year.

The price rise will affect Nikon's Imaging and Optics products, and start from 1 March.

Nikon has put the price increase down to the "relative weakness" of sterling and the continued strength of the yen.

One bit of good news is that the company's popular Coolpix series will not be affected, as well as "selected digital SLRs".

An updated price list list will be available to view on Nikon's website from 1 March, and has not ruled out future price rises.

"Nikon will continue to review its pricing structures", read the press release.

If you were planning on buying any Nikon equipment any time soon, you might want to consider doing it before the end of the month, unless you fancy paying a higher price tag.