Nikon has inadvertently leaked details of its new flagship DSLR digital camera ahead of an official announcement.

The new camera, which has featured in Nikon's own Pro magazine ahead of the launch, will improve on the D3 and doubles the megapixel count from 12- to 24.5-megapixels.

Elsewhere it also gains a new 16-bit EXPEED image processor that should improve colour performance over the 14-bit standard version.

According to Electronista who uncovered the article: "The higher resolution comes with sacrifices, according to the publication. The maximum frame rate of the D3x drops from 9FPS to 5FPS in continuous shooting at full quality. It also narrows the ISO range considerably from the maximum ISO 25,600 to 6,400 due largely to the inherent increased noise from a higher-density sensor. Users can extend the frame rate to 7FPS by using a DX format crop at 10 megapixels, however, and can also push light sensitivity down to ISO 50".

No date has been given as to when the new camera will be released, but other rumours are pointing to a 1 December launch date.

We will keep you posted.