There has been an explosion of posts about a possible D3X DSLR model from Nikon this week.

It all started in April when some bloggers found a reference in a D3 firmware update to a 6048 x 4032 24.4MP option, sparking rumours that a new camera was on the way.

Then, just a few weeks ago, Nikon Germany created a placeholder on their website called Nikon D3_2. But the folder was promptly removed after the Nikon Rumours site pounced on it.

Now, the very same site is pointing to a price drop for the Nikon D3 as heralding a new launch, and also it is pointing to various launches by accessories makers.

The Nikon Rumours blog, says the launch will be 1 December "according to retailers", while blogger Ken Rockwell adds that we should expect a 24.4-megapixel sensor, a 5fps frame rate (or 8fps in DX crop mode) and a $5500 price tag.

It's all rumours at the moment, but watch this space...