Nikon has announced a multimedia playback headset device called the Media Port UP, currently to be released only in Japan.

The compact headset incorporates a number of features, including display, headphones, Wi-Fi capability, high capacity memory and power source. It basically allows users to view pictures, watch videos and listen to music anywhere they are, while keeping their hands free.

Nikon says the display has the sensation of viewing a 50-inch screen from a distance of 3 metres, and that the Wi-Fi function will allow web browsing and downloading of media contents such as music and videos from the net.

Two UP models will be available - the high-performance UP300x and the basic UP300. The UP300x has a built-in motion sensor that allows you to adjust the volume and other settings by simply moving your head. It also has an 8GB internal memory, while the regular UP300 has just 4GB.

Another benefit of the UP300x is that it can connect to portable AV devices with an output terminal, allowing you to watch or listen to media from your mobile or MP3 player in higher quality.

As for compatible formats - you can view WMV9 and MPEG1, MPEG2 movies, and listen to MP3, AAC, and WMA9 audio files.

The UP will be available in Japan in October, but no price details have been announced as yet. Should this device ever get a European release date, we'll be sure to let you know.