Nikon has confirmed rumours circulating on the web and announced the release of the Nikon D90 on Wednesday.

The company's second pre-Photokina announcement brings with it a new consumer DSLR.

Packing 12.3 megapixels, an 11-point AF system, 6 scene modes and a 3-inch screen on the rear, however the biggest selling point will be its ability to record high-def video.

"People have been asking for this for two years", a spokesperson for the company told Pocket-lint at the UK preview event ahead of the official launch.

Answering its "fans" interest, the Nikon D90 will sport a 720p record mode that is activated in Live View mode and come with an HDMI socket so you can connect it directly to a HD Ready television.

Due to technical limitations though, users will only be able to record 5 minutes of video footage at a time. The video mode also doesn't offer auto focus or auto exposure.

Nikon hopes the inclusion of video, which has been limited so not to be classed as a camcorder and therefore subject to a hefty European tax penalty will appeal to those used to using video features more commonly found on compact cameras.

The camera will feature the usual Nikon technology found in its D range of cameras such as Active D-lighting, as well as allowing you to retouch photos in the camera. Nikon has added more effects such as fish-eye and horizon straightening.

Nikon has also added the option to view 72 thumbnails on the screen at any one time and a "Calendar" playback option to help you find your images quickly by date.

The new camera is expected, Nikon say, to be in shops at the end of September. The new model, which will replace the D80 will come in a body only option for £699.99 or a kit version with a new 18-105mm lens. The kit version will cost £849.99.