Rumours have been swirling the Internet about the replacement for Nikon's D80 DSLR for a while, but now it seems more solid details have been leaked from a rather reputable source as to the camera's spec.

It comes as no surprise that the replacement will be called the D90, and it seems that at a glance it is going to look very much the same as its predecessor, all apart from a much bigger LCD screen on the back.

On closer inspection, it appears this camera has HDMI output and also has a GPS connection in addition to the expected ones. This would suggest the D90 will support geotagging, tagging photos with the location in which they were shot.

The hard specs on this new DSLR though are that it will offer 12 megapixels, Live View with video and audio capture and a pretty speedy 4.5fps. The Live View with audio is an exciting addition as it's a first in DSLRs - it will record sound from a microphone grill on the front of the camera.

There's also apparently a new lens kit for the D90 - the 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G DX VR. Rather modest in size, with a 67mm filter, it makes a nice addition to the lineup and is well targeted to the D80/D90 type of user.

Although not a true superzoom, it is a 28-150mm equivalent which is pretty good for its size, while also putting right the distinct VR shaped hole in the DX lens lineup.

At the time of writing, this is all still rumour with nothing confirmed from Nikon and no press conferences booked for a product introduction. This means we have no ideas on price or release dates as yet. It appears we may well have to wait until Photokina to get an announcement, and as soon as we have it in stone, we'll report back.