With PMA around the corner, Nikon has released a clutch of new digital compacts, including a new 10MP prosumer model.

The Coolpix P5000 is encased in a faux leather material and has a rubber grip for better holding. Its impressive megapixel count isn't match by its zoom, which is a paltry 3.5x zoom that extends from 36-126 on a 35mm equivalent.

ISO sensitivity goes up to 3200 so that images can be taken in low light conditions, and the ability to shoot without camera shake is enhanced with electronic Vibration Reduction.

On the back is a 2.5-inch screen, while on the top is a Mode dial that lets you choose between four exposure modes, including full manual options.

You can extend the range of the lens with two accessories, the .67x wide-angle converter and the 2x telephoto converter; external flash units are also compatible with the new camera.

Unusually, this model offers an optical viewfinder for composing shots in brightly-lit conditions where the LCD screen isn't visible.

The P5000 will be available for £330 from the end of March.