It seems that Nikon may be busting out another DSLR sooner rather than later in the form of another edition along the lines of the D50. Considering it’s been about 18 months since its release, the time schedule looks about right.

Images of the D40 were apparently leaked on the website of a German retailer, Neckerman, and have now been removed. The specifications are reported to be 6MP, 3-point focusing, and no auto focus motor or status LCD. Looks like it’s aimed at the lower end of the scale, then.

This looks to be Nikon’s bid for the wallets of consumers in the run-up to Christmas; if this is the case, we can expect a highly-competitive price. Canon does not look to be launching anything new before the end of the year; it’s already released its consumer offering, the EOS 450D.

Pocket-lint may be able to tell you more about the rumoured D40 after a special press we've been invited to.

More details shortly. We'll keep you posted